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United States

American Philatelic Research Library
Home Page: http://www.stamplibrary.org/thelibrary/lib_abouttheaprl.htm
Online Catalog: http://www.stamps.org/InmagicGenie/opac.aspx
Contact: Tara Murray, tmurray@stamps.org

Collectors Club of Chicago Library
Home Page: http://www.askphil.org/

Collectors Club of New York Library
Home Page: http://www.collectorsclub.org/Library.shtml
Online Catalog (partially integrated with the American Philatelic Research Library online catalog; to access
select "CCNY" from the "Location" drop-down selection list near the bottom of the on-line Catalog Search form.)
Contact: Bruce Marsden, bmarsden@verizon.net

National Postal Museum Library
Home Page: http://www.sil.si.edu/libraries/npm/
Online Catalog : http://siris-libraries.si.edu/#focus (the catalog is integrated into the Smithsonian Institution Libraries online catalog)
Online Finding Aid for Postal and Philatelic Files: http://www.sil.si.edu/digitalcollections/npm/
Contact: Paul McCutcheon, Librarian, mccutcheonp@si.edu
Philatelic Literature Review article by Paul K. McCutcheon, Herbert A. Trenchard: “National Postal Museum Library, Smithsonian Institution.”
New from Library: Stamp Collecting for Novices - a guide to stamp collecting literature for people who are new to the wonderful world of philately.

Northwest Philatelic Library
Home Page: http://www.nwpl.org/
Newsletter: http://www.nwpl.org/newsletter.html
Online Catalog: http://www.nwpl.org/online-catalog.html
Contact: Charles Neyhart, President, charles.neyhart@comcast.net

Postal History Foundation
Slusser Memorial Philatelic Library

Home Page: http://www.postalhistoryfoundation.org/ (Click on "Slusser Library and Holdings" in column on left side of page)
Online Catalog: http://librarycatalog.pima.gov/ (Note: the library's holdings are part of the Pima County Public Library's online catalog. To view the library's holdings, type "Postal History Foundation" as a keyword and click "submit". To search within these results, try an Advanced Search.)

Newsletter: http://www.postalhistoryfoundation.org/
Contact: Charlotte Cushman, Librarian, ccushman.phf@mindspring.com

Railway Mail Service Library
Home Page: http://www.railwaymailservicelibrary.org/
Contact: Frank R. Scheer, Curator, fscheer@railwaymailservicelibrary.org

Rocky Mountain Philatelic Library
Home Page: http://www.rmpldenver.org/index.jsp
Newsletter: http://www.rmpldenver.org/archives.jsp
Online Catalog: http://www.rmpldenver.org/search.jsp
Contact: Ellengail Beuthel, Librarian, rmpl@qwestoffice.net

San Diego County Philatelic Library
Home Page: http://www.sandiegophilateliclibrary.org/sdcpl.htm
Newsletter: http://www.sandiegophilateliclibrary.org/reader.htm
Library Catalog: http://www.sandiegophilateliclibrary.org/catalog.htm (this is a pdf file)
Contact: Don Sager, donhager@roadrunner.com

Scandinavian Collectors Club (SCC) Library
Home Page: http://www.scc-online.org/
Newsletter: http://www.scc-online.org/pharchives.htm
Online Catalog: http://www.scc-online.org/library.htm
Contact: Paul Albright, SCC Library Committee, PAlbright@wiche.edu

Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History Library
Home Page: http://www.spellman.org/core/library/
List of periodicals: http://www.spellman.org/core/periodicals/
Contact: George S. Norton, Curator of Philatelic Collections, info@spellman.org

United States Postal Service Library
Contact: Robert Gardner, Corporate Librarian

Western Philatelic Library
Home Page: http://www.fwpl.org/
Special Collections: http://www.fwpl.org/specials.htm
Contact: Stuart Levin, President, Friends of the Western Philatelic Library, stulev@ix.netcom.com

Wineburgh Philatelic Library
Home Page: http://www.utdallas.edu/library/uniquecoll/speccoll/wprl/wprl.htm
Online Catalog: http://library.utdallas.edu/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi?DB=local&PAGE=First (the catalog is integrated into the catalog of the McDermott Library of the University of Texas-Dallas)
Contact: Paul Oelkrug, Coordinator of Special Collections, oelkrug@utdallas.edu


British Library Philatelic Collections
Home Page: http://www.bl.uk/collections/philatelic
Newsletter: http://www.bl.uk/reshelp/findhelprestype/philatelic/philateliccollections/newscont/philatelynewsletter.html
Online Catalog: http://catalogue.bl.uk/F/?func=file&file_name=login-bl-list Note: this is the Integrated Catalog for the entire British Library.
Contact: David R Beech, Head of the Philatelic Collections, Philatelic@bl.uk

KNBF Library, The Netherlands
Home Page: http://www.knbf.nl/bieb.htm
Online Catalog: http://nbfv.cust.iaf.nl/nbfv/intro_eng.html
Contact: Marijke van der Meer, Librarian, bibliotheek@knbf.nl

Royal Philatelic Society Library
Online Catalog Home: http://www.rpslcatalogue.org.uk/
Note: To access the online catalog and information about it, you must click on the various tabs at the top of the catalog's home page. Clicking on the "Content" tab provides a listing of content available to both members and non-members. For non-members the most important content is the "Cummulative Indexes" section. This section lists all the philatelic publications that are indexed on the site. The Penny Post, American Congress Book, and Confederate Philately are U.S. publications that are indexed. To search the indexes click on the "Search" tab on the home page and then check "Cummulative Indexes". The London Philatelist index can also be searched and content can be purchased from the Royal Philatelic Society.


Digital Version of Philatelic Literature Review for 4th Quarter 2009


Brian Birch Archives
On the FIP Literature Commission website http://hps.gr/fipliterature/ (scroll down left column)
Birch’s Philatelic Bibliophile’s Companion which is maintained on the site in PDF format. This 450 plus page document is “essentially a bibliography of all philatelic works that would be most useful, not to say essential, to a bibliophile” or to a philatelic librarian.

Some digitized philatelic books in Google Books:

History of Postage Stamps in the United States of America by John K. Tiffany (St. Louis, MO, 1887)

Books on Philately in the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh (1901)
This was the library of the American Philatelic Association (later the American Philatelic Society) that was placed in the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.