1952 Election


Political Americana Collection: 1952 Campaign



  Eisenhower-Nixon Campaign Buttons and Badges, ca. 1952, Eisenhower-Nixon Campaign Jewelry, ca. 1952
Party:  Republican
Election:  1952
Object Type:  Buttons (Information artifacts); Portraits; Badges
Relationship:  Presidential Candidate
Political Figure:  Nixon, Richard M.
Biography:  American, 1913-1994
Relationship:  Vice-Presidential Candidate
Notes:  Identity of "Pike" in the "IKE / AND / PIKE" button not determined. Donor Susan H. Douglas dates these items to the 1952 Presidential campaign.
Subjects:  Nixon, Richard M.; Politics; Eisenhower, Dwight D.; Promotional materials; Portraits; Busts; Telephones; White House, Washington, District of Columbia; Generals; American flags; Voting




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