"Nixon now more then ever" 1972 campaign (re-election)


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Nixon's 1972 "Accomplishments" Poster

Commissioned by the Finance Committee (Maurice Stans) of the Committee to Re-Elect the President. This 22"x34" poster highlights the previous 36 months of Nixon's presidency with advances in education, fighting drugs, women's issues, minority advances, shrinking government, youth involvement, the draft and the environment.



This historic poster (not the original) measures 14" x 22" - It is heavy cardboard.






1972 Bronze medal from the re-election effort of President Richard M. Nixon. The front says; With personal appreciation for your generous support of out 1972 campaign while the reverse says; The official Republican National Committee1972 Presidential campaign medal-solid bronze-limited edition. (from my collection)




This has to be the classic poster from President Richard Nixon's 1972 campaign! Please check the photo. "The nation needs coolness more than clarion calls; intelligence more than charisma; a sense of history more than a sense of histrionics." Large 17" x 22" black & white. Shows full-length Richard Nixon looking out a window of the White House. In tiny letters in the bottom-right corner: "Issued by Finance Committee to Re-elect the President. Maurice Stans, Chairman. 1701 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C."





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