Campaign Memorabilia


Nixon campaign memorabilia part if my personal collection. 

1971 INFLATED STATES Satirical Currency

a gift from my friends Mike and Charlene Murray


1972 Richard Nixon REELECT the PRESIDENT Bumper Sticker

(unused, several sizes are in my collection)


1968 Speech Excerpts Nixon's the One Record

still plays, nomination speech from Aug 8, Republican Convention.


1968 Richard Nixon Postcard 

(one used with thanks for campaign help, and one unused in my collection)


1968 United Citizens Nixon Agnew UCNA Campaign Club Kit


1972 Campaign Ephemera (8 items)


1960 Nixon Rhinestone Charm/Pendant by Oleet Bros

also issued as a broach (not pictured, but in my collection)


1968 Campaign Brochures "NIXON STAND" fold-over w/ biographical information, 

The Nixon/Agnew Campaign committee, 450 Park Avenue, New York City.


1968 NIXON'S THE ONE, Bumper Sticker


1968 Nixon-Agnew, Bumper Sticker



Nov 7, 1972 Appreciation Card,

w/ auto pen signatures of the Nixon's


1968 Richard Nixon Presidential Campaign  Ephemera (4 items)


1972 Sterling Silver Medal





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