1995 Nixon US Postage Stamp Errors - Issued April 26th



Richard Nixon 32 US postage stamp  #2955


When a president dies, the post office will honor them with a stamp the following year.

This is know as their "death stamp"  many become popular over night, however the Nixon stamp took some time to become popular with the public sue to his sudden departure from office. I have an extensive First Day cover collection of the Nixon death stamp over 250 unique cacheted envelopes. Hopefully one day I ill have them here for everyone to enjoy. I will leave them to his library upon my death.


Nixon death stamp Scott number 2955, this is an  "official error" listed as 2955a in major catalogs.

Featured bellow is a pair as issued (at left) and the error with the Red ink missing/omitted (at right).

The certification is also shown. This item was listed on eBay 03/24/2012 for  $1900.00.


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#2955 Richard Nixon 32 multicolor perforated 11.2; Honors Richard Nixon the 37th President of the United States. Scott lists one color error that is very rare.


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Another Error is the use of the stamp prior to the official release date.

The First Day of Issue was April 26, 1995 but in Yorba Linda, California...a few towns away from Boston, Massachusetts I would say. While air travel could allow for one to buy a stamp in CA and travel to MA to mail it on the same day, it seems unlikely. More likely that a Boston area post office released it early.



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This stamp was an un-official first day city cancellation. While this is not an error that would be listed in catalogs, it is an error  popular and acknowledged by collectors




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