Top Ten books on Watergate & Richard Nixon

Here is a list of books to read for anyone interested in learning about Watergate and Richard Nixon.

My top 10 list.

1."Silent Coup" by Len Colodny and Bob Gettlin
2."Secret Agenda" by Jim Hougan
3."Will" by G.Gordon Liddy
4."The Haldeman Diaries" by H.R. Haldeman
5."Deep Truth" by Adrian Havill
6."The Memoirs of Richard Nixon" by Richard Nixon
7."Nixon A Life" by Johnathon Aiken
8."Richard Nixon:The Rise Of An American Politician" by Roger Morris
9."The Ends of Power" by H.R. Haldeman
10."Witness to Power" by John Ehrlichman

Other books on Watergate

Bernstein, Carl, and Woodward, Bob, All the President's Men (1974)
Drew, Elizabeth, Washington Journal: The Events of 1973-74 (1984)
Kutler, Stanley I., The Wars of Watergate (1990)
Lukas, J. Anthony, Nightmare (1976)
Schell, Jonathan, The Time of Illusion (1976)
Schudson, Michael, Watergate in American Memory (1992)
Sirica, John, To Set the Record Straight (1979)

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