Richard M. Nixon's FAQ


Richard M. Nixon
(January 9, 1913 - April 22, 1994)

Father: Francis Anthony Nixon
Mother: Hannah Milhous Nixon

First Lady: Thelma Catherine ("Pat") Ryan Nixon, Wife
Number of Children: 2,
Tricia and Julie
Education Level: Graduate
School Attended: Whittier College, Duke University
Religion: Quaker
Profession: Military, Lawyer, Business, Government Employee
Military Service: Lieutenant Cmdr. Navy
Dates of Presidency: 1/20/1969 - 8/9/1974
President Number: 37
Number of Terms: 2
Why Presidency Ended: Resignation
Party: Republican
His Vice Presidents: Spiro T. Agnew, Gerald R. Ford
Vice President For: Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953-1961)
Senator: California (1951-1953)
House of Representatives: California (1947-1950)

Presidential Salary: $200,000/year + $50,000 expense account
Library: Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace

Did you Know?

  • During his administration, the 26th amendment was ratified.
  • His wife, Patricia Nixon, was known for her charm, and for being an involved partner to her husband.
  • During his term, the wage and price freeze was instituted.
  • The SALT agreement passed while he was in the White House.
  • During his term, Nixon went to both China and the Soviet Union.
  • He is the first president to have visited all fifty states.


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