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"the greatest honor history can bestow is the title of peacemaker"

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 This site is in memory to the Greatest peacemaker of the 20th century Richard M. Nixon. For many years he has been a hero to me and I have created this site in that spirit. I hope that it will be used as a reference tool, conversation enhancer, and lasting tribute to his life. This site is not endorsed by anyone other than myself. Comments are welcome.

Type of Exhibit: Link Description
Nixon FAQ Nixon FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about Richard Nixon.
Nixon Quotes Nixon Quotes A few quotes from Nixon.
The Author Nixon's Books Books authored by R. M. Nixon. (writings of the president)
Biography Richard M. Nixon Biography A Biography, includes links to his inaugural speeches.
Biography Pat Nixon Biography A Biography about the First Lady.
Document Great Speeches The words of a peace maker.
Document Election results Nixon Presidential campaign results.
Document Cabinet members A list of Nixon's cabinet members.
Document Watergate tapes Taped conversations: Nixon, Haldeman, Dean and others.
Document President Travels Nixon : Travels as President (Jan. 20, 1969 - Aug. 1974)
Document Book List Top Ten books on Watergate and Nixon.
Document Pardon to Nixon President Gerald R. Ford's Proclamation 4311, Granting a Pardon to Richard Nixon
Graphics & Art gallery Nixon Family gallery A collection of images of the Nixon family.
Graphic Watergate hotel This is a picture of the Watergate hotel.
Graphic Campaign buttons My Nixon Campaign buttons (some of them - I will add more of what I have)
1972 Campaign 1972 campaign

"Nixon now more then ever" 1972 campaign (re-election).

Funeral Services Nixon Funeral

Funeral Services for Richard Nixon, Friday, April 22

Links: Richard M. Nixon link page A collection of Web links on Richard Nixon.
Study Guide China Study Guide A teacher & student study guide on the China visit.
Study Guide Assassination Attempt

Feb. 22, 1974, The Hijacking (assassination attempt)

Study Guide So what is Watergate? A summary of the Watergate scandal.
Stamp Issued Presidential Library Stamp Presidential Libraries and Museums - First Day Covers (Aug 2005)
Event Nixon & Elvis

Nixon & Elvis meet at White house Dec. 21, 1970

Study Guide Alger Hiss Trials !948 Congressman Nixon too on the Spy Alger Hiss, to become a household name.
Graphics & Study Guide 1952 Presidential Campaign Collection of 1952 Presidential campaign items from 1952, Eisenhower & Nixon.
Study Guide Accomplishments & Appointments Some high accomplishments and key appointments.
Study Guide Military Service Nixon's military commission information.
Study Guide Tape System Nixon's official requested tape system, and his infamous recordings.
Study Guide Teachers study guide K-12 grades. Teachers study guide for Richard M. Nixon.
Facts Presidential Trivia page Fun trivia about all of our presidents (covers Washington through Bush).
Study Guide Kent State Shootings of May 4,1970 The May 4 shootings at Kent State University: The search for historical accuracy.
Document 1969 Inaugural Events Calendar 1969 Nixon Agnew Inaugural Activity Calendar Info Flyer, from my personal collection.
Document 1972 Nixon Now campaign stamps 1972 Nixon Now campaign stamps, full sheet of 63 stamps from my personal collection. 
Exhibit Nixon Campaign Memorabilia Nixon campaign memorabilia part if my personal collection. 
NEW Exhibit Nixon stamp errors Nixon US Postage stamp #2955 errors

                    Presidential Campaign Slogans - 1960: For the future, 1968: Nixon's the One

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