Nixon Family Gallery


Family 1968 Julie, Tricia, RN, and Pat (1968) Family 1990 Tricia, RN, Pat, and Julie (1990)
young.gif (96848 bytes) Young Richard Nixon heart35.gif (89961 bytes) Love at First Sight
wed68.gif (85218 bytes) Father and the Bride  un1.gif (53887 bytes) Young Tricia and Julie
tidal2.gif (76885 bytes) Dick, Pat, and Tricia box1.gif (176481 bytes) Julie and Tricia at the White House
conv1.gif (108501 bytes) Tricia and Ed at the Republican Convention un2.gif (162176 bytes) Julie, Tricia, and David
pat115.gif (182753 bytes) The First Lady and the American People life53.gif (108927 bytes) Vice President Richard Nixon
trail.gif (101725 bytes) On the Campaign Trail port.gif (115818 bytes) President Nixon
fam75.gif (110721 bytes) The Nixon Generations life71.gif (125861 bytes) White House Bride: Tricia Nixon
part2.gif (141119 bytes) Father and the Bride  sat15b.gif (197024 bytes) Magazine Cover: David and Julie
time.gif (181204 bytes) Magazine Cover: Ed and Tricia look1.gif (148047 bytes) Magazine Cover: The Vice-President & Mrs. Nixon

Julie Nixon Eisenhower: My College Diary
Different Views on David and Julie Eisenhower
Julie's Letter to President Nixon (August 1974)
Kennedy and Nixon

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