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2016 Primaries prove that election reform is long over due. protest and get anagry till we have open ellections where all votes are counted. webbased internet email link

The US 2016 Primaries where manipulated, if not stolen!

 Now that the 2016 primary season debacle has ended; we learn that the primary system itself has destroyed faith in American democracy. Confirming once again, that our voting system is flawed and in many ways broken. It recalled our memories of the 2000 election, voter suppressions and "butterfly ballots that required Supreme Court hearings to sort out. It's structured for local biased election officials to manipulate and rig results. Multiple reports from NY to CA show a wide range of discrepancies from dead voters casting ballots, lost registrations, improper party listings, broken voting machines, paper ballots that do not get counted) and others, all impacting primary voting. Are we voting this fall for the candidates “the people chose “or that “the system imposed”? On one side we have the Suppression of Democratic Party Populism and the other distorted media political events, effectively giving massive amounts of free biased air time to a billionaire candidate, all in the name of higher ratings for broadcasters.


Democratic superdelegates are in place, according to the party chair-woman Debbie Wasserman, "we’re rigged to suppress you”. Her comments are out right admission that the Democratic Party created superdelegates as a method to crush any possibilities of grassroots candidates rising to challenge the party establishment. Ask Bernie if their safe guard is working in the 2016 primary.  The result of their manipulation is evident among the websites working towards election integrity.

Millions of voters are reporting their disaffection in current polls, with 66 percent of the public saying they distrust the primary voting system.


The US currently has no public transparency to guide an honest and fair electoral process, our elections cannot be monitored by observers. According to the Washington Post the US is ranked 47th out of 139 countries in the “Integrity of political elections”.  The post concluded, that our 2012 presidential election and the 2014 congressional elections were ranked worst of any long-established democracy, especially on campaign finance and electoral registration.
 So how do we permanently reform our system? How can we build a just society unless we repair the mechanics of how our democratic elections are controlled?
 The answer starts with making sure progressive voters are not disenfranchised through various voter suppression tactics, and that election technology is secure. We must ensure that every eligible citizen can easily vote, and that every vote is counted as cast.
Election reformers to-do list:
     These are just some starting points, be creative and protest. Our votes must count!

         Push for party platform changes at the Democratic National Convention this July. End the use of Democratic Party superdelegates. Promote transparent party primary elections administrators who cannot work for any particular candidate.

         Help educate Congress and state legislatures about the need for reform. More training is needed for election workers. Lobby for the passage of legislation for clean, transparent, verified elections. Establish new federal laws that strictly prevents suppression and gerrymandering of districts just like we had in section four of the Voting Rights Act.

         Fight to terminate control of Election Day technology from private vendors, make all vote counting processes transparent and publicly observable i.e. “public record.

         Immediately outlaw the use of touchscreen (direct-recording electronic, or DRE) voting machines that are vulnerable to fraud and provide no paper ballot to audit results or recount.

         Join organizations and coalitions fighting for elections reform.

         Mobilize protests against voter suppression, corrupt voting officials and voting systems.

         Become a poll worker volunteer yourself. 



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